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5 Epic Side-by-Side ATV Trails to Explore: Unforgettable Adventures Await

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We share 5 Epic Side-by-Side ATV Trails to Explore for the side-by-side ATV enthusiasts who are always on the lookout for the most exhilarating destinations.

These exceptional trails offer varying levels of difficulty, diverse terrains, and jaw-dropping scenery, making them ideal locations for ATV aficionados of all skill levels. Whether you’re new to the world of off-roading or a seasoned pro, these remarkable routes are guaranteed to deliver adrenaline-packed experiences that keep you coming back for more in 2023.

We’ve handpicked five epic side-by-side ATV trails that promise to make the coming year unforgettable for off-road explorers.

Trail 1: Paiute ATV Trail, Utah

The first epic side-by-side ATV trail on our list is the Paiute ATV Trail located in central Utah. This trail system encompasses over 2,000 miles of trails, offering diverse landscapes and picturesque views for ATV enthusiasts.

The Paiute ATV Trail takes you through various terrains, such as dense forests, rocky deserts, and open meadows. Along the way, you’ll get to experience stunning views of rock formations, canyons, and mountain peaks.

While exploring the trail, riders can find numerous side trails to venture on, which further expands their off-road experience. Additionally, the Paiute ATV Trail crosses several small towns, allowing riders to refuel and rest as needed.

Some highlights of the Paiute ATV Trail to check out while you are there include:

  • Miners’ Park: A fascinating historic site with old mining equipment and remnants.
  • Marysvale Falls: A beautiful waterfall that makes for a perfect photo opportunity.
  • Fishlake National Forest: A vast expanse of greenery filled with lush forests and wildlife.

Note that riders must follow the Fishlake National Forest trail regulations and carry a valid registration or permit/license on their ATVs while using the trail system.

Trail 2: Wagon Wheel Trail System, Meeker, Colorado

The Wagon Wheel Trail System in Meeker, Colorado, offers riders an extensive network of trails within the White River National Forest. With over 250 miles of various terrains, this offroading destination is perfect for side-by-side ATV enthusiasts seeking adventure in 2023.

Riders can explore a range of scenic landscapes, from wide-open meadows to dense forests and rocky cliffs. The Wagon Wheel Trail System is compiled of 16 marked trails, catering to various skill levels from beginners to advanced riders. Several trails also lead to majestic mountain views, making for an unforgettable offroading experience.

Here are some of the more popular trails in the Wagon Wheel Trail System:

  • Trail B – Bailey Lake: A moderate 16-mile trail that leads riders to the beautiful Bailey Lake.
  • Trail L – Lost Solar: An 8-mile advanced trail that offers challenging terrain and stunning views.
  • Trail S – Sleepy Cat Peak: A 5-mile intermediate trail providing access to Sleepy Cat Peak.

Additionally, the Wagon Wheel Trail System provides riders with convenient access to nearby amenities, including campgrounds and recreational facilities, making it an ideal destination for a side-by-side ATV adventure.

Trail 3: Alligator Run Offroad Park – Easton, TX

Alligator Run Offroad Park is an exciting destination for off-road enthusiasts located in Easton, Texas. This 5,200-acre park features a variety of terrain for ATVs, UTVs, and dirt bikes, providing endless fun and challenges for riders of all skill levels.

The park boasts an array of trails, stretching across mud, hills, and creeks, ensuring a thrilling ride for everyone. Enjoy picturesque views as you traverse the diverse landscape, from winding wooded trails to wide-open spaces perfect for speed junkies.

Notable features of Alligator Run Offroad Park include:

  • Mud pits and trails for mudding enthusiasts
  • Rock crawling opportunities for technical riding
  • Designated areas for camping, picnicking, and relaxing

Whether you’re tackling challenging technical terrain or taking in the scenic beauty of Easton, the Alligator Run Offroad Park offers a perfect mix of adventure and relaxation for side-by-side ATV riders in 2023.

Trail 4: West Yellowstone, Montana

Located near Yellowstone National Park, West Yellowstone offers a variety of epic off-road trails for side-by-side ATV enthusiasts. The region boasts a diverse terrain, allowing riders to experience a thrilling and immersive adventure in the great outdoors.

One of the most popular trails in the area is the Two Top Trail, which takes riders through scenic landscapes, and past historic sites, and offers stunning views of nearby mountain ranges. The trail’s winding paths provide a perfect opportunity for adventurers to test their driving skills while enjoying the breathtaking beauty of the surrounding environment.

Other notable trails in West Yellowstone include the South Plateau Trail and the Big Sky Trail. These routes offer varying levels of difficulty and are suitable for both experienced and beginner riders. The trails often lead to exciting destinations, such as natural hot springs, caves, and historical sites that offer a glimpse into the region’s past.

When planning your ATV adventure in West Yellowstone, it’s essential to be mindful of the regulations and guidelines set forth by the Custer Gallatin National Forest. This ensures the safety of all visitors and the preservation of the area’s natural beauty for future generations to enjoy.

Trail 5: Red Feather Lakes, Colorado

Red Feather Lakes is a picturesque ATV trail system nestled in the stunning natural surroundings of Northern Colorado. Offering an extensive network of trails and terrain suitable for all skill levels, this destination is a must-visit for avid side-by-side riders.

With an elevation of around 8,000 feet, the trail system boasts wide-ranging views of the surrounding natural beauty, including forests, meadows, and lakes. There are both open and challenging trails, ensuring that every rider can enjoy the experience to the fullest.

At Red Feather Lakes, you can expect to encounter a variety of wildlife, such as deer, elk, and moose, creating a unique and memorable outdoor adventure. The trails provide excellent riding conditions and can be accessed throughout the year.

In addition to the thrill of riding, there are plenty of opportunities for camping, fishing, and boating, making Red Feather Lakes an excellent spot for a weekend getaway or full-blown outdoor vacation. As you plan your visit, be sure to check out the Colorado tourism website for more information on the area and trail access.

Preparing for Your Adventure

Before hitting the epic side-by-side ATV trails, it’s essential to prepare for the journey. This will ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all participants. Proper preparation involves assessing the trail conditions, obtaining the necessary permits, and packing the right gear.

First, research the specific trail you plan to explore, as each location may have unique conditions and requirements. For example, some trails may pass through private land or require a permit for use. Checking UTV Guide and local off-road organizations can provide valuable information about the best times to visit and any specific rules to follow.

Next, once you’ve selected your trail, acquire the necessary permits and permissions. This can often be done online or through local government offices. Remember to always respect the land and follow any posted guidelines while on the trail.

Essential GearWhy It’s Important
HelmetProtects your head in case of accidents
Protective clothingShields your body from branches, debris, and weather
GPSHelps navigate the trail and avoid getting lost
First-aid kitProvides emergency medical care for minor injuries
Tool kitAllows for on-the-spot repairs and maintenance

Pack essential gear for the adventure, such as helmets, protective clothing, navigation equipment, first-aid kits, and necessary tools. Make a pre-ride check of your side-by-side ATV to ensure it’s in good working order, and familiarize yourself with any maintenance tasks you might need to perform on the trail. Consult Trail Riding Essentials for a comprehensive list of items to bring along.

Lastly, be mindful of weather conditions, as they can significantly impact your off-road experience. Check the local forecast before embarking on your adventure and adjust your plans accordingly. In case of unexpected weather changes, be prepared with appropriate clothing and equipment.

Safety Tips and Reminders

Before embarking on your epic side-by-side ATV trail adventure in 2023, it’s important to prioritize the safety of everyone involved. Here are some essential safety tips and reminders for both new and experienced riders to adhere to while exploring these exciting trails.

Firstly, make sure to always wear appropriate protective gear. Helmets, goggles, gloves, long sleeves, and sturdy boots are crucial in preventing injuries during your ride. Protective gear not only shields you from potential impact or accidents but also from elements like branches, rocks, and debris on the trail.

Secondly, take the time to consult your vehicle owner’s manual. Reviewing the manual is pivotal for understanding the limitations and capabilities of your ATV, as well as any specific recommendations for operation and maintenance(source).

When out on the trail, it’s good practice to:

  • Maintain a safe distance from other riders – this ensures that you have enough room to maneuver or stop in case of an emergency.
  • Use hand signals to communicate with other riders, especially when making turns, stopping, or changing the trail’s direction.
  • Stay on designated trails and follow the posted signs, which are usually placed to ensure rider safety and environmental preservation.
  • Don’t attempt to perform high-speed maneuvers or stunts beyond your experience level.

Lastly, always keep an eye on the weather and choose trails that match your skill level. Unpredictable weather and challenging terrains can lead to dangerous situations. Planning ahead and selecting the appropriate trail will enable a safer and more enjoyable experience.

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