Custom Side-by-Side ATV

Customize Your Side-by-Side ATV: 20 Ways To Go From Stock To Rock!

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As a side-by-side ATV owner, you know that personalizing your off-road vehicle can turn an already thrilling experience into something even more enjoyable. From aftermarket upgrades to stylish wraps, there are countless ways to make your side-by-side ATV stand out while also improving its functionality. In this article, we’ll explore the top 20 ideas to customize your side-by-side ATV.

Your side-by-side can be customized to reflect your unique personality or to better suit its intended purpose. Whether you’re into off-roading for recreation or using your ATV for work, choosing the right upgrades can not only enhance its appearance but also its overall performance. Get ready to discover the many possibilities that await you as you embark on the exciting journey of customizing your side-by-side ATV.

It’s essential to keep practicality and your specific needs in mind as you plan your upgrade. Every rider has different preferences, and our top 20 ideas cater to a wide range of tastes and requirements. So, buckle up, and let’s dive into the world of side-by-side ATV customization, where creativity meets off-road adventure!

Getting Started with Customization

Customizing your side-by-side ATV can significantly improve its performance and appearance. Before diving into the process, it’s essential to set some guidelines and decide on a plan of action. This section will help you with the initial steps in the customization journey.

Determine Your Needs and Goals

Start by identifying the primary purpose of your ATV and what improvements you want to achieve. Consider if you use your side-by-side for recreational riding, work-related tasks, or a combination of both. This will help you prioritize the upgrades for better impact. Here are some common goals you might have:

  • Enhanced off-road capabilities
  • Improved comfort and safety features
  • Better performance and handling
  • Eye-catching design and personalized style

Create a Budget

Upgrading your side-by-side can quickly become an expensive endeavor. It’s essential to create a budget beforehand to ensure that you don’t overspend on modifications. Determine how much you are willing to invest in your ATV and allocate funds to different categories such as performance, safety, and aesthetics.

While customizing your ATV, remember that quality matters. Investing in high-quality parts and accessories can save you money in the long run by providing better performance and durability.

Research Compatible Parts and Accessories

Before buying any parts or accessories, conduct thorough research to ensure compatibility with your specific side-by-side model. Compatibility is crucial as it directly affects the functionality and safety of your ATV. Here are some tips to help you with your research:

  • Consult your side-by-side’s owner’s manual for specifications and recommendations.
  • Visit manufacturer websites for detailed product information and guidance.
  • Seek advice from experienced ATV users or online forums for recommendations based on your goals.
  • Consider the longevity, performance, and value of specific parts and accessories.

Once you have a clear understanding of your needs, goals, budget, and compatibility requirements, you are ready to embark on your ATV customization journey. Keep these initial steps in mind for a smooth and successful upgrade process.

Performance Upgrades

Customizing your side-by-side ATV can significantly enhance its performance and make it a true off-road powerhouse. In this section, we’ll focus on some top ideas to inspire your upgrade in the areas of engine and power, suspension and shocks, and exhaust systems.

Engine and Power

When it comes to engine and power upgrades, there are a plethora of options that will help you unleash your side-by-side’s full potential:

  • Big bore kits: These enable you to increase the size of your engine’s cylinder, resulting in increased displacement and higher horsepower.
  • Performance camshafts: Upgrading your camshaft allows you to achieve improved engine performance and power output by altering valve lift, duration, and timing.
  • Fuel tuners: By optimizing your ATV’s fuel map, you can improve throttle response and engine output.

Investing in these upgrades not only enhances the overall performance of your ATV but also makes for an exhilarating off-road experience.

Suspension and Shocks

Upgrading your side-by-side’s suspension and shocks can help improve the handling and comfort of your vehicle under various off-road conditions. Some notable upgrades include:

  • Lift kits: These provide additional ground clearance, enabling your ATV to tackle challenging terrain more efficiently.
  • Long travel suspension kits: These extend the travel range of your ATV’s suspension, providing improved handling and ride quality over rough terrains.
  • High-performance shocks: These offer better damping and adjustability for optimal ride comfort and handling characteristics.

With an upgraded suspension and shock system, your side-by-side will be better equipped to face the rigors of off-roading.

Exhaust Systems

Last but not least, upgrading your side-by-side’s exhaust system can provide several benefits:

  • Increased horsepower: A high-performance exhaust system allows for better airflow which can result in higher engine output.
  • Enhanced sound: Upgrading your exhaust can give your side-by-side a more aggressive and throaty exhaust note, perfect for making your presence known on the trail.
  • Weight saving: Performance exhaust systems often weigh less than their stock counterparts, contributing to better overall vehicle performance.

By investing in a quality exhaust system, you not only boost your ATV’s performance but also add a distinct auditory signature to your off-road vehicle.

Armed with these ideas, you can effectively enhance your side-by-side ATV’s performance and create a customized off-road machine that suits your specific needs and preferences.

Aesthetic Improvements

Upgrading your side-by-side ATV not only serves functional benefits but also enhances its visual appeal. In this section, we guide you through various aesthetic improvements that will take your ATV to the next level.

Custom Paint and Graphics

Custom paint jobs and graphics are a great way to make your side-by-side ATV stand out from the crowd. Choose a color scheme that reflects your personality and consider applying unique graphics, such as racing stripes or patterns, to give your ATV a distinct look. You can either work with a professional painter or use DIY painting kits for a more affordable option.

Lighting Enhancements

Lighting upgrades can enhance both the appearance and functionality of your side-by-side ATV. Install LED light bars, additional headlights, or underglow lights to improve visibility and add a touch of style to your vehicle. Keep in mind that laws and regulations on off-road lighting may vary based on your location, so be sure to check your local laws before making any modifications.

Seat and Interior Upgrades

Make your side-by-side ATV more comfortable and visually appealing by updating the seats and interior. Consider upgrading to custom or high-performance seats for added comfort during long drives. Additionally, you could add accessories such as seat covers, floor mats, or storage compartments to enhance the overall appearance and functionality of your ATV’s interior.

Remember, customization is all about making your side-by-side ATV a reflection of you. Have fun exploring these aesthetic improvements to create an off-road vehicle that will turn heads and showcase your personal style.

Safety and Comfort

Upgrading your side-by-side ATV for safety and comfort not only enhances your riding experience but also protects you from potential hazards on the trail. In this section, we will explore three key aspects of safety and comfort during ATV customization: roll cages and harnesses, improved braking systems, and heat and sound insulation.

Roll Cages and Harnesses

Roll cages provide an added layer of protection in case of rollovers while riding your side-by-side ATV. Upgrading to a robust roll cage can help to shield you and your passengers from impacts. Some aftermarket roll cages even offer additional mounting points for accessories such as lights and mirrors. Pairing your roll cage with high-quality harnesses ensures that you and your passengers remain secure within the UTV, reducing the risk of injury during off-road adventures.

Improved Braking Systems

Ensuring your UTV has a reliable braking system is crucial for your safety on the trail. Upgrading your ATV’s brakes can provide better stopping power and control, helping you avoid obstacles and maintain stability on steep or slippery terrain. Consider upgrading to performance brake pads, larger rotors, or even a complete aftermarket brake system tailored specifically for off-roading use.

Heat and Sound Insulation

It’s essential to keep the interior environment of your side-by-side ATV comfortable for you and your passengers. Heat and sound insulation products not only reduce noise levels inside your UTV, but they can also help maintain a comfortable cabin temperature. Adding insulation materials to your side-by-side’s floor, firewall, and underhood areas can effectively block heat and dampen vibrations or engine noise. For a more comfortable ride, consider investing in quality insulation materials and upgrading your seating to provide better support and cushioning.

Technology Add-Ons

In this modern era, technology plays a vital role in enhancing your off-roading experience. Customizing your side-by-side ATV with cutting-edge tech gadgets can make your adventures safer and more enjoyable. Here are some top technology upgrades to consider:

GPS and Navigation

Investing in a reliable GPS and navigation system for your side-by-side ATV can save you from getting lost and ensure you stay on the right track during your outdoor adventures. Top options include:

  • Trail Tech Voyager Pro: A comprehensive solution that offers GPS, ATV speedometer, engine temperature sensor, and much more.
  • Magellan eXplorist TRX7: A dedicated off-road GPS with a 7-inch touchscreen and preloaded maps of over 160,000 trails, perfect for side-by-side ATV users.
  • Garmin Montana 700i: A versatile GPS system featuring a large touchscreen, inReach satellite technology, and topographic maps for ultimate navigation.

Audio and Entertainment

An epic off-roading experience calls for a perfect soundtrack, and upgrading your side-by-side ATV’s audio system is an excellent way to amplify the fun. Consider these options:

BOSS Audio Systems ATV SoundbarA weatherproof soundbar with Bluetooth connectivity designed to withstand harsh outdoor conditions.
Rockford Fosgate Stage Speaker SystemA high-performance, fully integrated audio system specifically designed for side-by-side ATVs.
SSV Works Audio SystemA plug-and-play audio system featuring marine-grade speakers, subwoofers, and amplifiers.

Communication Systems

Staying connected and communicating with fellow riders is vital during off-road escapades. Equip your side-by-side ATV with a reliable communication system to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience. Some noteworthy options include:

  • Motorola T600 H2O Talkabout: A waterproof two-way radio set providing up to 35 miles of range.
  • Midland GXT1000VP4: An all-terrain two-way radio with 50 channels and up to 36 miles of range, perfect for group rides.
  • Rugged Radios RRP660: An intercom system with helmet connections, allowing you to communicate directly with passengers in other side-by-side ATVs wearing compatible helmets.

With these technology add-ons, your side-by-side ATV will be well-equipped to make your adventures safe, enjoyable, and memorable.

Storage Solutions

Storage is an essential aspect of customizing your side-by-side ATV. There are several ways to maximize storage space and keep your belongings organized while you’re out riding. In this section, you’ll find ideas for roof racks and cargo carriers, tool mounting and organization, as well as cooler and storage box options.

Roof Racks and Cargo Carriers

Roof racks and cargo carriers are a great way to add extra storage to your side-by-side ATV. They can hold a variety of items, such as camping gear, fishing equipment, and more. Here are some options to consider:

  • Fabric storage shelters: These shelters, made of waterproof polyethylene covers and all-steel frames, are a cost-effective and sturdy option to protect your belongings. The triple-layered fabric is ripstop tough and heat wielded at the seams.
  • Bed racks: Many styles of bed racks and cooler racks are available, so choose one with built-in tie-down locations to securely hold your items.

Tool Mounting and Organization

Effective tool mounting and organization can help you access your tools and equipment quickly and easily. Consider the following ideas:

  • Customized side-by-side storage units: Some storage units can be installed in the bed of your ATV, taking up the entire space or just a portion of it, depending on your needs.
  • Mounted tool racks: Use mounted tool racks to keep ratchet straps, winch accessories, and other tools organized and easily accessible.

Cooler and Storage Box Options

Keeping your drinks cold and your belongings safe is important while you’re out riding your ATV. Here are some cooler and storage box options to consider:

  • Combined cooler and storage boxes: These versatile options, available in various capacities such as 30L or 50L, act as both coolers and storage boxes to save space and keep your items protected.
  • Bed cooler racks: With many styles available, consider one that offers built-in tie-down locations for added security.

As you can see, there are many storage solutions available for your side-by-side ATV. Customize your ride with roof racks, cargo carriers, tool mounts, and cooler and storage box options to maximize space and keep your belongings organized and safe.

Maintenance Tips

Routine Inspection

Regularly inspecting your side-by-side ATV can help you keep it in top condition. Check for wear and tear on key components like:

  • Tires: Ensure they have the proper pressure and tread depth.
  • Brakes: Look for worn brake pads and maintain fluid levels.
  • Steering: Examine the steering components and make sure everything is tight and well-lubricated.
  • Throttle: Monitor the throttle pedal and cable for free-play and lubrication.

Cleaning and Protecting Your ATV

Keeping your side-by-side ATV clean not only enhances its appearance but also helps prevent rust and corrosion. Be sure to:

  • Wash off dirt and mud after every ride.
  • Use a specialized cleaner for removing tough stains and grime.
  • Apply a protective coating to maintain the paint and plastic surfaces.
  • Wipe down your windshield for better visibility.
  • Consider adding aftermarket accessories like nerf bars and rock sliders for additional protection.

By maintaining your side-by-side ATV and customizing it with suitable upgrades, you can enjoy a fun and trouble-free off-road experience.

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