Best Rear Lights for Polaris General 1000

Best Rear Lights for Polaris General 1000

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When you are in the woods, on the trails, or on the ice, and it’s dark, you need to be able to see behind you! To do that you need the best rear lights for the Polaris General!

You need a pair of lights mounted on the back of your general so you can see.

Rear light mounting options

I have seen people mount all kinds of lights on the rear of their machines. Some are good, and some are just plain silly.

If you mount the lights under the rear dump box you can’t see anything in the box.

This is fine if you just want lights for backing up, but there are other options that are better.

Polaris General Under Bet Lights

Maybe that will work for you but not for me. I spend a lot of time in my Polaris General 1000 4-seater at night.

I am usually in the woods and on ice in the middle of the lake at night.

Believe me, it is dark in the middle of the lake at night. Very dark!

I am usually trying to button up ice houses, load ice augers, flashers, minnows, kids, etc. I need to be able to see all around.

To fix this I installed a pair of “scene” lights on the back of my General and they are amazing!

They work great! I can see everything in the box and around me plain as day. It makes it much easier to try and work in the dark.

I also mounted. a light bar on the front of the General as well, but more to come on that in another post.

What lights should I get?

Here are the exact lights I mounted. They fit like they are from the factory and they are super bright.

Polaris General Rear Light

Yes, I purchased these exact lights, installed them myself, and I love them!

They are the best rear lights for Polaris General – hands down!

They mount on the back just under the factory roof. There are two flat spots on the roof that seem designed for lights.

Polaris General Scene Lights

I have seen other people mount square lights back here on mounts and they probably work ok.

Polaris General Rear Light

But they definitely do not look as good as these do when they are installed.

These are by far the best rear lights for the Polaris General you can get.

I will get an updated picture that shows them installed shortly.

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Thanks for reading!