Polaris General Curved Light Bar

Best Under Roof Curved Light Bar for Polaris General

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You can’t beat the looks or performance of an under-roof curved light bar on your Polaris General. Everyone knows light bars give you more light, but if you have a plow, a light bar is a must-have.

I have a 42-inch curved light bar mounted under my roof on my Polaris General and it is amazing!

By mounting it under the roof it not only looks good but it does not get caught on trees when I am trail riding.

Also, I really like the look of the curved light bar. It seems like it was made specifically to fit my machine.

Because I have a plow I really needed some sort of light as well because when you have the plow off the ground it blocks your factory headlights.

This is the exact light bar I installed and I can tell you I love it. It was easy to install. It’s inexpensive, and. it is super bright!

Polaris General 42 Inch LED Light Bar

You can definitely spend more money on a light bar. But for me, this one works perfectly, and if I do happen to break it at least I did not break the back to install it.

I have been using this for over a year now without any issues. It has been whacked by countless trees, covered in mud, and used in 30 below-zero temperatures without any problems.

I also ordered this mounting kit so I could install it under the front of the roof.

Polaris General 42 Inch LED Light Bar Mounting Kit

Last but not least don’t forget your rocker switch.

This is the exact one I use and it works great! It lights up.

Polaris General 42 Inch Light Bar Switch

That’s it! Just a quick post to let you know what I use. Yes, I really do use all of these, and they work great!

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Thanks for reading…